Friday, January 4, 2013

Moscow - day 3

Another fabulous day in Moscow! Every morning starts perfectly
by having breakfast at one of the most special hotel restaurants ever.
After once again delicious breakfast, we met with my mom and headed
to Chistoprudny bulvar. We had to take metro there, so after 12 long years
I finally took a ride with legendary metro again and it brought back some
memories from my childhood :)
We had a lovely walk down the park on Chistoprudny bulvar and have visited
Sea Aquarium. Initially we were planning to go to Ocenarium, but then we figured
out that it was bit too far and that Sea Aquarium will do it for us.
It was lovely to watch all those fishes... Somehow all these Sea Lifes, Sea Aquariums,
etc. always calm me down. There's something mesmerizing in watching fishes swim
in their aquariums.

After this we took metro back to Pushkinskaya stop and went to Pushkin cafe at
Tverskoy bulvar. I would definitely recommend this cafe to anybody who visits
Moscow. It is pricey, but the interior, service and most of all mouthwatering cakes
are so worth the visit.
Then we took a stroll down the Tverskaya street to Kuznyetski most and went inside
Zara Home store. I found some goodies back to Helsinki, since we don't have Zara Home
After short chilling time at hotel room, we went to italian restaurant ilForno which was
a great choice! We liked it a lot.

Tomorrow is a special day for me since I'll see my grandpa again! It's been 7 years since
last time I saw him, so it will be very emotional day for me.

Here're some photos from today :)

                                                                       breakfast time

Bolshoi theater

metro ride

Chistoprudny bulvar 

Pushkin cafe


at Zara Home

what I got

some other souvenirs I got today

ilForno restaurant



  1. So many delicious things! I am going back there this summer and can't wait!!

  2. my husband and i are planning a trip, moscow sounds interesrting:) nice piks!

    happy new year:0
    do visit my blog and let me know wat you think of following;)

  3. gorgeous photos! I'm seriously so jealous of this trip!

    Lady à la Mode

  4. hello
    amazing pictures, Bolshoi Theatre, Metro,
      and Pushkin cafe.
    get in wonderful souvenirs.
    Natalia wish you all the best for you and happily spent a nice time - time with family
    thank you for such wonderful pictures of Moscow
    I greet the Polish
       I wish you a nice weekend

  5. Moscow is first place on my 'must-see' list. Looks great!!

  6. Nice pics! I've never been in Moscow.


  7. Your pics are giving me major travel envy! Cute beanie too btw!

  8. Jedan od gradova koje zaista jedva čekam da posetim, gledam u svoje babuške i maštam :D

  9. Mega Jelly!! Hope you're having the time of your life and beautiful pics ;)


  10. this place looks grand! and the food looks so yummy!

  11. What a wonderful trip Natali ..
    I'm glad that you went to an Italian restaurant ;)
    I wish you a precious and sweet day with your grandpa.

  12. I've never been to Moscow but it looks beautiful and I love the pics of the food, looks so delicious and healthy


  13. lovely blog!!! amazing giveaway on my blog kiss

  14. Very nice!
    If you want we can follow each other. Join on my blog and I will come back back to you;)

  15. lovely photos! :*

  16. Super blog !!
    Jette un coup d'oeil a mon blog, il est nouveau, besoin d'avis
    A bientot :)

  17. Beautiful! I've always wanted to visit Moscow and this has made me want to even more! xx

  18. Nice pictures ! :-)

  19. Oh wow....all the food looks so amazing!!

    Fiona xo

  20. Отличные фото! Как Вам Москва!?
    Come to me, I'd be happy to see you!
    click "Like" on facebook, if not difficult -

  21. Now this is what I'm talking about. I can just eat them all up in one go. :) And speaking of fashion, I love your blog and the way you share your interests with your readers is just amazing. I would very much love to see some Pyjamasposts from you guys.


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