Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Zagreb diary - Days 1&2

Hello everybody!
Here's a little diary and breakdown of first two days spent in Zagreb.
I've been travelling most of the 1st day, so big part of the trip was all about
spending time in the air and at the airports.
I've found a new favourite lunch place at Frankfurt airport - Deli Bros.
They make delicious and fresh food which was perfect for me since I never
eat the airplane food.

When I finally arrived to Zagreb, it was already late in the evening, but I had
time to take a small walk around the hotel and get my favourite fresh cheese
filled pastry at the bakery nearby. It's a "must" for me every time I'm visiting

Yesterday (2nd day) was a very active day and it flew by in a second.
The morning started early with breakfast at the hotel and then visit to the
local police station to get my new passport.
Waiting in the line took forever, but I got it done and now I'm calm for the next
5 years.
After I took care of that, I went to visit one small concept store - Nicolas which
has some cool designers which I can't find back home in Helsinki.
I finally got the long wanted Diana Broussard necklace and can't wait to wear it
A short walk from the Nicolas store lies well known market square Dolac where
I got some fresh fruits.

When it was lunch time, I have decided to go to the vegetarian/ vegan restaurant
Bio bistro Zrno. All of the food was mouthwatering and so healthy!
I can warmly recommend you this place if you're visiting Zagreb.

Some more walking around and small shopping happened afterwards and the
evening ended in going to the bakery once again and getting those delicious
fresh cheese filled pastries :)

I just woke up and am ready to embrace this day and am excited about all of the
things I have planned to do today.

Have a great Wednesday dear readers!

                                                           Soon taking off :)

New favourite at Frankfurt airport

Finally at the hotel

Dolac market 

Nicolas concept store

Wonderful little restaurant

Pumpkin creamy soup

Kale, red lentil with mashed veggies, zucchini, pickles, bulgur, 
millet fries in carrot and ginger sauce

Walking on the main Ilica street

Nice little cafe with fantastic cakes

Main Jelacic square


  1. great pics, looks great! :)

  2. Oh I always love to see travelling pics, looks really fun!

    X Sara

  3. Great pics. Hope you're having fun on your travels. =)


  4. great pictures! i haven't been to zagreb!


  5. Looks like you've had an awesome trip :)


  6. lovely photos! All that food made me so hungry!!

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  7. Great pics, have a lovely trip

  8. Super cute!

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    ox from NYC!

  9. Greta photos! The food looks amazing.

    If you'd like, come and join my blog's giveaway! I'm giving away 2 YSL products! :)


  10. It seems to be a great experience!!!!

  11. Great inspirational photos! Thanks for sharing them!

    Make sure to check out my blog, I do a combination of health, animals, and fashion weekly!

  12. Nadam se da si pobjegla prije ovoga snijega koji nam najavljuju za sutra! :) Zagreb baš lijepo izgleda kroz tvoje oči! :)

    1. Awww, hvala ti :) Idemo sutra doma, taman da izbjegnemo ovaj snijeg i da se vratimo na -17 °C i hrpu finskog snijega :D


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