Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Photos from my 3rd solo exhibition opening night

Hello dear readers!
How are you doing? I'm just enjoying the morning with my
breakfast and cup of tea in bed while checking my never ending
emails and trying to catch up with blogging.
I've been travelling yesterday and just spending time with my mom
and brothers at their place in Croatia.
After all of the hard work and crazy business since the beginning of
this year, I needed a small get-away and time off.
I'm already back in Helsinki in 3 days, but I'll use my "relax" time
wisely while here :)

I would like to share the photos from my exhibition opening with you.
It was such a magical day for me and I'm still in such a great mood
ever since the opening.
Lots of friends, family and invited visitors came to celebrate with me
and I was happy to offer them catered sandwiches and cupcakes from my favourite
cafe in the city KUPPI JA MUFFINI, as well as Spritz Aperol drinks mixed
by one of the best baristas in the country.

Let me know how you liked the photos and my beautiful Balenciaga dress
which I wore for the opening?! I felt like a princess wearing it :)
I got it from my favourite store LUXBAG, a MUST shopping spot when in Helsinki.

On my feet I wore Chanel ballerinas and jewellery was all by House of Harlow 1960.

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  1. Jeeej evo fotkica :) Vidi se da vam je baš bilo lijepo i veselo na otvaranju, baš mi je drago :) A ti si krasna u ovoj preslatkoj haljinici i balerinkama :* Uživaj u ovom kratkom odmoru doma, kad budeš dolazila na malo duže vrijeme, javi se za kavicu :D

    1. Awww, bas ti hvala :) Dosla sam samo na 4 dana i to ekspresno, samo da vidim mamu koja nije bas najboljeg zdravlja :( Svakako se javim za kavicu kad dodjem opet, na duze :)

  2. lovely event!!!

  3. nice event and lovely dress, btw.

  4. Amazing event!!

  5. nice event and I love the dress..
    btw I love too if we can follow each other..


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    Centrum Style
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  6. This is amazing! Congratulations on the event!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  7. Lovely photos. Looks like you had a great time!


  8. Wow very nice!!

  9. Evo nam fotkica...oprosti sto ja malo kasnim s odg, ali maleni je opet bolestan pa sam izgubila ritam...ali nije da nisam mislila ;)
    Cestitke jos jednom!!! Haljinica je preslatka i super mi je sto si je kombinirala na balerinke...jako lijepa!
    Nadam se da s mamom nije nista ozbiljno i da ce biti bolje...saljem pozitivne misli :*

  10. seems you are enyoing yourself!
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  11. Wow, what a great opening. You look absolutely beautiful, I am totally in love with your dress, Balenciaga is one of my favourite designers. Can't wait for you to show us some of the photos exhibited. Have a nice rest.

  12. You look gorgeous :) great opening..I am your new follower of gfc, I would be very happy if you follow back sweetie...

  13. Absolutely amazing! Congratulations on such a fantastic accomplishment! x

  14. Congratulations on the success of your exhibitions! You are incredibly talented with photography, you think outside the box and the colours within your pictures are so vivid and beautiful! You also looked fabulous for your opening, that Balenciaga dress is so stunning!

  15. Awesome photos and gorgeous exhibition! Congratulations my dear <3

  16. još jednom čestitke, divne su ti radovi, sjajne fotografije i baš se vidi da si se super osjećala. Voljela bi da sam i ja mogla biti, volim ići na izložbe...drukčije je kada gledaš fotografiju u manjem i većem formatu, kao i sa slikama, to je posve drukčiji osjećaj, može se više toga vidjeti.( Često sam se pitala koji je smisao stavljanja onih malih sličica promjera dna čaše u udženike umjetnosti kad se na njima ništa i ne vidi, ali dobro to je već druga tema.) pozdrav:)

  17. You looked lovely!
    Congratulations on the exhibition :)

  18. You looked amazing, dear Natali. Sorry I didn't get the chance to comment before. I had been waiting for these pics :) Kisses and congrats again from my heart !

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