Sunday, May 18, 2014

Outfit post - Mr Steve

Good Sunday morning everyone!
I just had my breakfast and am sipping on my tea while typing
this post. It's finally sunny and lovely weather in my city, so yesterday
was the perfect day to spend it outside.
I have visited amusement park with my family, we ate cotton candy,
took many rides and strolled through the whole park.
I always loved amusement parks, they were such an important part
when I was growing up.
We never had a proper amusement park where I used to live in my childhood,
instead we had the "travelling" amusement parks, so every time when they
would come to my town, I was so excited to go and always found these places
to be somewhat magical :D

My photo exhibition is still going on for one more week and I'm so excited
about the final week, but at the same time I'm so bummed that the closing
time is near. I have put so much time, effort and myself into this exhibition
and it's a bitter-sweet moment to have to take away my art from the gallery's
walls. Then again, there's so much awaiting for me in the near future that
I won't be "sad" for too long :)

I hope that all of you are having a great Sunday and I would like to wish you
a successful start of the new week tomorrow!

I'm wearing: Pants - See by Chloe, Ballerinas - Vagabond, Bag - Celine,
Cardigan - Diesel, Tee - Mr Steve, Bracelet - Balenciaga, Earrings - Tory Burch

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  1. Great look! Have a nice day:-)


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  2. Jednostavno i opušteno, baš kako volim :))

  3. Your pants are absolutely awesome!

  4. You have a really great blog!
    Visit our blog, we would be very happy :)
    regards Eric

  5. you look gorgeous, love your legs!

  6. I love this look, Natali, it's so chic and something I'd totally would wear :), the tee is adorable and so are your pants ! I also like amusement parks but I have to admit I am scared of heights so I don't go on rollercoasters ! LOL ! Many kisses and thanks for always being so nice to me, you're a true sweetheart !

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  7. what a great outfit! love something easy and chic.


  8. Great outfit!!

  9. nice and cool. check out my blog, new post on.

  10. I like the pants!

  11. lovely! IM happy for you that the sun has come out :) makes dressing so much funner :)

  12. Great t-shirt!!


  13. Obožavam ove tvoje hlače! Sve kombinacije s njima su mi divneeee! :)

  14. Great look, love the tee and the ballerinas.


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