Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Outfit post - Dallas boy

Hello my dear readers! 

Seems like evenings are now more "reliable" time for me 
to update my blog. I'm very happy that we have amazing summer 
weather in Helsinki and that it will continue to be like this for at least 
few more days.
Every day, for 4 days in the row, I've been just walking all over the city 
with my brother and showing him around all the beauty which I forget 
about living my usual, daily life. 

We have lots of fun stuff planned to do in the following days, so check 
out my Instagram profile for more "live feed" photos :)

In this outfit, I'm presenting you my newest bag and if you ask me, I would 
be fine having just this one bag because it's so perfect and unique that I can't 
even believe that it's mine. I got it in London a month ago and it was a must 
have item for me. It's part of Chanel's limited Dallas collection and it looks 
like a piece of art ( which it is ). 

Let me know what you think of this outfit?

I'm wearing: Sandals - Vagabond, Bag - Chanel, Dress - Free People, 
Earrings - Deni design, Bracelet - Balenciaga

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  1. I will be following your instagram account!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  2. Beautiful dress! :)

  3. I've never seen that Chanel Boy Bag before, love it though! I agree with you on Chanel's being the only bags you need, I just got the python boy bag and I love it!

    xx Angie |

  4. Love this dress on you!

  5. This dress is absolutely gorgeous, and it looks so pretty on you. I love all the pictures!

  6. Oh! I am not a fan of uhm "great designers", but that bag is beautiful indeed! :) You look very pretty in this dress :)

  7. OMG Natali, this Chanel bag is a true masterpiece ! I think you should post a big picture of the bag in your next outfit, it truly deserves to be shown in every detail. I also love your dress, so chic and with the perfect boho touch, I love Free People and you are perfect for this style ! You look so beautiful, a fashion dream with the sweetest eyes and smile. Big hugs !

    Fashion and Cookies

  8. Totally fallen in love with your bag *_*


  9. I love the pattern on that bag---and good for you for scooping it up since it is limited edition---but I cannot take my eyes off of that dress! I wish that I had seen it when it first came out. The design is so romantic and flowy.

    Another Beautiful Thing

  10. Cute dress and bag.


  11. An outfit 10 without a doubt. The dress is adorable and what can I say about the bag that you haven't already said. Beautiful xoxoxo

  12. In love with that dress!

  13. Joj da, torba je bas bas... na Instagramu se bas lijepo vidi i nekako je netipicnacza Chanel zbog cega mi je bas divna! Ova haljina ti predivno stoji i
    JAko si mi lijepa u njoj... sve u svemu, kombinacija bas po mom gustu :)

  14. Samo uzivaj,a izgleda da nam se vrijeme obrnulo,sad cemo mi na ljetovanje gore na sjever :D prekrasna ljetna haljina,a torba otkida ;)

  15. love your outfit so much!

  16. Zaljubila sam ti se u torbu već jučer na instagramu, apsolutno je savršena i jedinstvena! :)

  17. Randomly found your blog and I’d like to say that you have amazing design,
    beautiful photos and interesting posts! I’m also impressed by your style! Everything
    is perfect!

    would you like to follow each other?
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  18. Great dress and purse... very lovely look!

  19. great pics

  20. wowo love your tunic! you look adorable! perfect for havin' a walk!

  21. the bag is really soooooooooo cool!!!
    xx nic

  22. I'm DYING over that bag: it's pure perfection, and such a great choice! You definitely have an amazing sense of style, Natali! #swoon :)

  23. love your dress , so pretty

  24. Nice style and very cute pictures =) I really like your blog, keep up the good work =D

    If you want, you can check out my fashion and fitness blog and if you like it, maybe we could follow each other ?

    Hope you'll say yes,


  25. Amazing dress!!! Just love it <3 xx

  26. What a pretty dress, and I LOVE that bag!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  27. You look amazing and your boy bag is so beautiful and special! Love it!

    Wish you a great weekend!


  28. LOVE this dress, so casual and chic, cute bag too

    check out my new blog!

  29. This bohoo vintage look suits you perfectly :)

    Follemente Fashion Blog also on Fashiolista and Bloglovin'

  30. this dress is so beautifuL! so boho and elegant. love this on you

    Frank Vinyl : A California Fashion Blog

  31. I really like the length of this dress. It's different, light, & fun. The colors are ideal for sporting on a hot summer's day. :] // ☼

  32. I love everything about this dress!!
    You rocked it well my dear!!

  33. Torbicu sam zamjetila i u prošlom postu, stvarno je famozna:)...Haljina je divna, baš ljetna, a i lijepo ti stoji raspuštena kosa.

  34. The bag is amazing. You're a lucky girl!

  35. this dress is fantastic! I love it, how beautiful you look in it too!


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