Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Outfit post - Sheriff

Good morning everyone!!
It's a rainy one for me, but I have some little errands to run,
so the day isn't that gloomy after all. Lately, I've been always
trying to find at least one positive thing to get me through a day.
As some of you know, I haven't been having the easiest times lately
and some of my big plans had to get postponed, so it's really easy
to fall into depressive mode and the lack of daylight, not to even mention
sun, makes it all that much harder to put a smile on day in, day out.

I come from a pretty much sunny and warm country and moving to
a completely different part of the continent did get to me after living
here for the past 7 years... November is always one of the toughest months
to survive but beautiful Christmas lights and spirit that starts with 1st
day of December def. makes it up :D
I'm already making a mind notes of things I see in the shops and online
on what to buy as a present to my loved ones.
Stores have just started to sell Christmas decorations, so I'm also looking
out for those, couple of really cute ones have caught my eye, so I might
get them in a week or two :D Crazy Christmas lady, yep!

Here's an outfit which I wore yesterday and am repeating today since
I liked it so much and I felt very comfortable in it.
The sherif brooch is my very first, "real" brooch and I'm loving it!
Blouse that I'm wearing is from COS and it's my favourite one at the moment.

Let me know what you think of this outfit!
Much love to all of you!

I'm wearing: Boots - Frye, Jeans - Diesel, Blouse - COS,
Bag - Tory Burch, Coat - Charlie Design, Blazer - J Crew,
Necklace - House of Harlow 1960, Brooch - Chanel

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  1. nice outfit!

  2. Wow, what a nice outfit. And you look so elegant and fashionable in the dress. Thanks, I love it very much.


  3. It's important to see things from a positive side!
    Fabrizia - Cosa Mi Metto???

  4. Great outfit! Love your style and your blog!

  5. This is beyond beautiful!
    Kisses from Miami,

  6. Baš si prava fashion šerifica! :) Broš je prefora i vjerujem da ćeš ga rado nositi u mnogim kombinacijama! Cijela kombica mi se sviđa, košuljica, velikiiii katutić, jako lijepo! :)

  7. This is gorgeous!! Omg the sheriff pin just gave me life!!! You are very pretty also!!
    IG: bornfreely

  8. 100% obsessed with that top. you are too cute!!!

  9. Perfect outfit! I love the boots and that sheriff star is fun! :D

  10. Bonito outfit!

  11. Nice outfit!

  12. I really like how you paired the necklace & collared shirt. It frames everything so perfectly. :] // ☼ ☯

  13. I love how the leopard scarf is red! One of my favorite colors :)


  14. Lovely outfit, looks so warm and comfy. Cute brooch, very original. xoxoxo

  15. Very nice outfit. Really well put together and chic!

  16. esay but so nice outfit! I follow you if you want follow me tooo!

    Serena’s Closet

  17. love the scarf!

    if you like, visit my blog on

    xoxo, nissi :-)

  18. Nice colors!
    You have a lovely smile;)

  19. i like sp much the jacket! gorgeous ;)
    if you want check it out my new post, it will be my pleasure ;)

  20. love the print shirt ! ;D

  21. baš me nasmijala ta zvijezdica, mislim da bi moj nećak bi oduševljen da je vidi...a kombinacija je stvarno divna, odličan kaput i šal.

  22. Love it!! GORGEOUS!!
    Im holding a DW GIVEAWAY!! would love it if you checked it out xx



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