Friday, January 30, 2015

Outfit post - Friday

Yup, Friday is already here and I'm more
than happy that this week is over.
It's been a very stressful week and filled with changes, good
ones, but they did take a toll on me.
My husband gave a final notice at his work, our lease of this
apartment is up and I did catch a cold... Bit too much going on
at the same time. On a positive note, maybe I wasn't too clear
in my previous post, because I got lots of questions about me
leaving Finland.
I'm not leaving yet/ didn't leave yet, but I am going to be flying
off to US in a month from now.
I'm starting my new life's journey from LA where I'll attend a
photography course at NYFA and then I'll see where I'll continue
my life and career, depending on my husband and his career too,
of course.
All in all, I just know that these will be an exciting times in my life
and I'm glad to bring you along for the ride. :)

When it comes to this outfit, shirt and scarf are my "new in" items
from Zara and both are pieces which were screaming my name
when I saw them in the store. I've been all about scarfs and collar
shirts lately, they're slowly taking more and more space in my closet. :)
How do you like them?

Have a great weekend my dear friends, I'm going to have a nice
one with my friends and family, so I hope that you'll have a great
company during the weekend too!

I'm wearing: Boots - Frye, Jeans - Tiger of Sweden, Shirt - Zara,
Cardigan - COS, Scarf - Zara, Jacket - Alexander McQueen for H&M,
Beanie - Boss Orange, Bag & bracelet - Balenciaga, Earrings - Chanel

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  1. Such a cool look!

  2. That bag is gorgeous!

  3. Kosulja je jako lijepa i definitivno nesto sto bi i sama nosila... sal ne vidim bas najbolje ali vjerujem da cemo ga jos vidjati pa cu ga moci bolje promotriti! Oversized jaknica i vestica su <3 znas da ja volim sve veliko i slampavo :)

    Sretno s organizacijom i samo polako, zdravlje je na prvom mjestu :)

  4. L.A.? You'll love it here and will never want to leave :-)

  5. Have fun!

  6. Such a cute & cozy look.

  7. LOVE that bag !

    Love Imke

  8. Outfit baš po mom guštu :))
    Samo polako, čuvaj se i ozdravi, a sve ostalo će se ionako savršeno organizirati kao i uvijek :* S druge strane, baš se veselim tvojim LA postovima, zanima me kako će ti totalno drugačiji tip grada utjecati na stilski razvoj :)

  9. Beautiful pics!

    xo Ally

  10. such a gorgeous outfit! I love your bag :)

  11. How pretty! I love your bag!Your blog are really interesting,I love it!
    If you have a instagram I want to know it,let me a comment in @carmenpaastor , I don't want to miss any photo!
    Kisses from , please let me a like!

  12. You explained very well, I understood you totally. How excited you must be, I'm sure everything is going to be wonderful for you. Nice cozy look to combat the freezing weather. Love the checked shirt. Have a nice weekend xoxoxo

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  14. Love your jacket!

  15. I really like your style.
    Even when you are wearing something laid back you still look classy and elegant.
    I am wishing you all the best :D

  16. Tako si nekako divna i posebna! :)

  17. Jako lepo i drugacije!

  18. What an exciting time! I hope you love SoCal! Love the outfit~

    Pink Wings

  19. super sweet look!

  20. Truly great! xx

  21. In love with your bag!

  22. Love the coat and bag, you look amazing Natali!

  23. kako je slatka pletena kapica...i torbica...i ovaj za koji broj veći karigan...baš si nekako sva dražesna!

  24. Love the look and your bag! x


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