Monday, March 16, 2015

Outfit post - Chloe sunglasses

Well, hello, hello! 
After couple days of break from blogging, I'm 
now back and hopefully will be able to give much more of 
my time and work to this lovely blog which I've been so 
dedicated to for years. 

Last couple of days were insane, but it was worth it because 
I can finally, proudly say that WE GOT THE apartment and 
we're moving in tomorrow!! I'm so excited! 

Let me see... Since that last post, yea, we have decided to pass 
on that apartment and we went for a different one which "popped" 
out in the very last moment and it was so much better than the one 
which we thought we'll go with in the first place. 
Sometimes it really pays off to check around, wait and think on the 
subject before making any decisions... 

This place is amazing and I'm sure that we'll love to live there. 
Now the "fun" part continues - shopping for the furniture and every 
possible little thing that you need for one household to function. 

Past week wasn't all about stress only, we did managed to have 
some fun too. 
We've been to Wax and Guiness world museums, we saw Cinderella 
movie at an amazing El Capitan theatre, we've been to many amazing 
restaurants all over the city and finally, we've spent some time with 
friends that were visiting LA. 

One of the fun things we got to do was shopping and it's absolutely 
amazing in this city. I couldn't resist a new pair of shades, so I got these 
round, retro ones from Chloe's store on Merlose Avenue and I'm 
LOVING them!! How do you like them? :)

Have a great new week folks and stay tuned for so much more in 
the following posts! 

P.S. The launching of the new blog design is almost here!!! YAAAAY!!!

I'm wearing: Shoes - Birkenstock, Skirt - Zara, Tee - Kenzo,  
Earrings - Deni design, Bag - Stella McCartney, Sunnies - Chloe, 
Bracelet - Balenciaga

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  1. I love the skirt.
    Lovely combo you have there

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    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  2. Realy love it!
    You can visit my page and like it if you find it interesting :)

  3. Replies
    1. Those are the glasses that my friend told me about she found it on glassesonweb, I think!

  4. Bas mi je drago za stan, znam koliko je to bitno i sada samo polako i malo pomalo :)
    Kombinacija je divna, suknja me odusevila pogotovo na ovu divnu Kenzo majicu... a naocale su vrh, nemam sto drugo reci! Vrlo rado bi jedne takve! <3 pusa velika i oprosti na odsustvu, bas sam bljuf i pere me uzasna zgaravica i ne spavam nocima tako da nemam volje za nista :/ Ali bacim ja pogled na Instagram da budem koliko toliko u toku!

    1. A joj, zao mi je cuti za to :( Nadam se da ce uskoro bebach van, pa da se mozes vratiti u barem neku normalu sto se tice zgaravice i energije.
      Hvala ti sto si jos uvijek tu i sto mi dajes podrsku jer i sama nisam bas najaktivnija u odgovaranju na komentare jer sam skroz "rastegnuta" na sto strana i ne pohvatam sve sto zelim/ bi trebala. Jedva cekam da se konacno uselim i 100% rijesim jet laga koji me jos tu i tamo svaki dan na par sati "opere".

  5. Oh i love it!

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  6. I love it
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  7. Perfect :D

  8. I like your style. Thx for the inspiration :)

  9. I love so much this shirt!!

  10. Love this whole look! so effortless.

  11. Love this easy, elegant look!

  12. Hahah these glasses are FAB!! I wouldn't wear them really quickly myself, but you're rocking them!! X

  13. Love how simple and cute this outfit is!

  14. Such a cute outfit and so happy to hear you got the apartment!
    Sarah Betty xx

  15. YAAAAAAAY!!! Good for you and your man p.s love the Stella bag

  16. A baš sam danas razmišljala kako bih mogla da kupim ovaj par papuča za ljeto jer sam čula da su mnooogo udobne :) Naočari su ooodličan ulov! :))

    Beehive by B

  17. Wow, what a difference in outfits from only a month ago. You look great and the sunnies are awesome, love them!! So glad you finally got your dream apartment, now I can't wait for you to show us some photos when it's all ready. Happy shopping!!!

    1. Thank you sweetie! I can't wait to show the home decor post once everything is set nicely and I'm happy with how it looks.
      It's really a great place and I already love it even unfurnished. :)

  18. You look absolutely great *_*


  19. I loove your style, but you should really make your pictures bigger and work on your layout so that your style shows better!:)

    1. Thank you Sofia for your constructive criticism. I'm actually about to launch a whole new blog design ( including the properly sized photos and all that ) most possibly next week. :)

  20. Looove the sunglasses! And really the whole look as well -- the tee with the midi skirt is perfection!

    xoxo Alison

  21. LOVE your outfit! You look gorgeous!:) X

  22. I love these classic Chloe sunglasses. Thanks for sharing.

    Eye See Euphoria |

  23. Love this look!

  24. Drago mi je zbog stana, a i zvuči da se divno provodite, baš lijepo :D Meni su naočale odlične, ali suknja mi je fenomenalna :*

  25. These sunnies look beautiful on you! And how lucky you are to have such fabulous weather! x

  26. Hola!! me encantan tus gafas y la camiseta!!
    Saludos desde el Caribe RD

  27. This type of skirt many people could wear it haha but you look really pretty with it!!


  28. Love this look, those sunglasses are everything !

    With love from London,

    Hayley x

  29. I loooove the sunglasses! They're just super cool.

  30. Hey! I've had a look at your blog and I love it! I especially love your lastest post! please check my blog out: ❤️

  31. Totally in love with your pics!

    Alice Cerea,

  32. I love your outfit!



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