Sunday, May 1, 2011

Swedish Hasbeens shoes

Lately, very popular shoes in fashion and blogger circles are Swedish Hasbeens.
Very comfortable and long lasting shoes which are hand made out of natural
materials. Craftsmanship is very kind to nature and people.
Hasbeens are one of Swedish fast growing fashion brands and it's possible
to buy them in 15 countries.
In 2008. Hasbeens were awarded for the trend of the year in Sweeden on
annual Trend Award Gala in Stockholm.
This year, Swedish Hasbeens have teamed up with H&M and have released capsule
collection for them.
You can get your pair of those Hasbeens for 45€ per pair, when the original price can
go up to 334€ per pair.




  1. seems to be quite comfortable and nice =)
    luv your blog)))

  2. These particular shoes are one of my childhood memories. Natasha will correct me if I’m wrong. It’s kind of hippie or bohemian style.
    I realize now that all my life I’ve been a coward, I’ve never been courageous enough to wear them. I don’t even know how it feels to walk in them. I’m sure if Swedish people produce them, then they are comfortable for sure. And they are very stylish. But I’m still a coward.

  3. @julianna - thank you! it's my pleasure :)

    @tamara - i'm coward to wear the high heeled ones, but the flat ones are great choice for tall girl like me :)
    unfortunately they don't sell my size online, so i'll have to believe to thousands and thousands of girls that swear in them being comfortable :)

  4. I posted a comment, but it's gone for some reason...:/

    I was just going to buy those wedges, they are very fashionable indeed...but the wood makes them kind of heavy...that's the only reason stopping me from buying them!

  5. yes, the most important is to feel comfortable when walking in shoes.
    i'm fine, i can almost pull off anything, except too tight or size smaller shoes. that's something i can't pull off :P


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