Saturday, April 30, 2011


It's been 7 days since I have started this blog and I'm more than happy
and thankful that people are actually interested to read my blog.
So far, it's been viewed 1 385 times and the most of views come from USA,
Finland and Russia.

Here are the statistics:

United States
United Kingdom

Thank you everybody for support and for reading my blog.
This blog really makes me happy and this is something that
I do for my soul and if you like what I'm writing about, then
there's no better situation :D


  1. Estonian brothers and sisters more views are needed. You're neighbours after all. German people, please. Danke.
    Congratulations to our dear Natalia. We love her.
    Honestly this statistics doesn't surprise me because our Natalia is at least half celebrity. Yes? or No? Definitely YES. Kisses.

  2. No, no, I'm not, nooo... I'm just a humble artistic soul, trying to express myself the best I know and can :)

  3. And thank you for your sweet words!

  4. You’re welcome, my dear. I don’t know the dictionary definition of “celebrity”. But in my head it’s a person who’s easily recognizable by a significant number of people not only by your relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues. A larger public exposure.
    Now how one handles it, it depends on personality. Al Pacino has a huge fame and he’s humble. Lopez ,who’s quite replaceable for my taste, at some point became an unwanted customer in some fancy restaurant in Miami. Obviously she couldn’t get rid of her complexes and wanted to enhance her greatness by throwing stuff at waiters or whatever she had been doing. Paris Hilton one of my favorite is a spoiled brat, a funny girl with her burlesque adventures.
    The only thing that I want to say that now you are not known only for being Karppinen, at last I've doubled "p" instead of doubling "a", but also for being Natalia…You were a passive celebrity and now you’re an active one creating something.

  5. Well, thank you for your words and for explaining your point of view.
    When somebody says celebrity, somehow right away I get picture of those people that are exactly like you have mentioned in your post and that's not something that I want to be. I have never liked to be put under the group or labeled, I always want to be just me.
    If more people recognize me and are helping me to make my dreams and wishes come true, then I'm one super lucky person, not a celebrity :)
    But I do understand what you're saying!
    For me celebrities are people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Rolling Stones, Freddie Mercury, Monet, Chagal, Dostojevski, etc. people that have changed human race in this or that way and have written our history by what they did.

  6. I totally agree. Simply nowadays "celebrity" labels a vast range from really great people till a real trash.That's why under existing conditions I define "being a celebrity" as being recognizable or not, no more no less. The rest is up to what he or she is doing. Now Dostoyevski and Lady Gaga it's like we say in Russian не смешите мои тапочки. For me it's only recognizable. I wouldn't have known you if HIMI hadn't posted your project. But now like in chess it's your move you should "check mate" and "mate" your readers. Back off and enjoy the show.

  7. I'm a donkey and an unforgivable one.No,no I didn't forget.Greetings to Beautiful Greece and beautiful Greeks.Σας Αγαπαω Παρα Πολθ!

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