Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today's look

Today was a bit gloomy day, so I decided to put on something "bright" on
and there's no better choice than red color on my flats and bed jacket :)
If you want to buy the same bed jacket go to: BOUTIQUE TO YOU

I'm wearing: Bed jacket - Winter Kate, Top - Asos, Skinny jeans - Diesel,
Ballerina flats - Nilson, Earrings & Ring - Accessoriez


  1. I absolutely love that butterfly ring <3
    Is Accessoriez online? :D

  2. Yes it is :) I'm glad you like it!

  3. Each time I look at a bed jacket I have a particular association with a freelance photographer or a painter. These jackets are comfortable, looking great not only slim bodies. Also they hide some excessive kilos.
    After all red is the tsar of colors. It shows off the dark and blond haired as well.
    I didn’t make a complement about your post baby body. It’s the truth. Usually post baby bodies frighten maidens keeping them from having babies and a wardrobe is divided into before and after. Generally speaking I’m not keen on Jennifer Lopez’s hips and thighs. I find them too excessive especially when food doesn’t miss her mouth and taking into consideration her short height, God, bless heels. And guys can hate me.
    More or less natural bodies I like are those of Charlise Theron and Monica Belucci like a Mediterranean type. I mean bodies like those. Meanwhile I saw Belucci’s measurements and her hips are 80!cm. I don’t believe it. I saw her in Malena and her low back was not 80cm.

  4. No, Monica is one of a kind beauty and her hips are definitely not 80cm!
    She's a real woman in every sense of that word and for me as well one of the most beautiful women alive!
    If I would be guy, she would be my choice of woman :) Catherine Zeta Jones used to be in the same range, but then she lost way too many kilos and doesn't look that good anymore. Still beautiful, but is definitely lucking her curves.

  5. It's amazing but the last time I saw her on news Catherine Zeta Jones looked elder. It's all because of this weight loss. I remember how beautiful she was in "Chicago".

  6. Yes! There she was still looking amazing!

  7. Natali, have you heard of Crystal Renn? :D <3

  8. Hi, Natali
    I like your dressing because of skinny jeans and bed jacket.
    For more details you can visit:

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