Friday, May 13, 2011


Perfumes, beautiful perfumes! I love them! They're very important 
part of every woman's beauty bag. They give us some kind of special 
signature, power... Right away I feel more beautiful when my favorite 
scent on. I didn't change many perfumes, but I think that I will in future, 
because I always like to research new scents and sticking to only one and 
the same one for too long, would be boring or would say that I'm conservative 
person that doesn't like many changes. 

I'm on the hunt for the new perfume, because the one I've using lately just 
finished this morning, so I need to do some perfume shopping tomorrow. 

What is your favorite fragrance??

Here are the perfumes which I have used so far:


  1. I've been using Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne.....for years now! :P

    It's very hard for me to find a scent I really like. I've actually run out of perfume a few days ago, so I need one too. I've smelled some perfumes by Bobbi Brown (make up artist I love) and they are nice! It's a new discovery for me - perfumes by my fave make up artists....(;

    /rant over.

  2. Miracle by Lancôme, definitely a must-have! It's one of my favorites and also all the perfumes by Bvlgari, try the new one, Mon Jasmin Noir. :-)

  3. thank you for advices/ sharing your favorites with me. i'll definitely have to "smell" them today on my perfume hunt :)

  4. I love your choice of parfumes. Marc Jacobs is also one of my favourites.
    @Gemma Miracle is on my top 5 as well. btw it's a favourite one of many HIM and V fans that I know cause it was once mentioned that V likes it ;)

  5. @Airy: hehe, didn't know that! :-) But I loved it since my mom gave it to me as a present, I'm running out of it and soon will go to buy another bottle, can't live without it!


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