Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today's look

It's beautiful and sunny day today in Helsinki!
I'm happy because I can wear my favorite spring/ summer dresses :)
This is my outfit for today:

Flats - Tamaris, Dress - Max&Co., Leather jacket - Levi's
Bag - Cambridge Satchel, Hair piece - Lindex, Ring - Accessorize


  1. You look pretty in this outfit and great to hear that summer is finally there! Btw I see that you don't like to experiment with nail design? Some nice French manicure would look perfect with that rose ring :)

  2. yep, you're right. somehow in my case, nails come last. i just don't have time to take care of them properly.
    but i do get myself into nail salon here and there :)

  3. Hello, Natali!
    I just love thoes shoes! ^^ and the jacket as well *.* I love your style even though I don't really like flowers but have to tell it looks good in your hair!


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