Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today's look + Bon Jovi show

We had bad luck with weather in Helsinki for past 7 days or so.
A lot of rain and dark clouds didn't help yesterday evening on Bon Jovi show
either. I've been waiting for 10 years to see Bon Jovi live and finally that dream
came true yesterday.
I went there with my dear friend Iva and had lot of fun. Bon Jovi were brilliant
and I wish to see them live at least once again.

I'm wearing:

Ballerinas - Unisa, Jeans - Tiger of Sweden, Blouse - Boss Orange,
Blazer - Marc O'Polo, Bag - Lancel, Bracelet - Accessorize.


  1. Oh you lucky lady! A 10 year dream of mine too :) I hope you had a fantastic time, and you looked truly gorgeous for the evening too :)

  2. Thank you very much on your compliment!
    Yes, it was a great concert and I'm very happy that my dream finally came true. It still feels so unreal :)


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