Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today's look

The weather got worser in Helsinki, starting yesterday morning.
It was very cloudy and rainy day. It's been the same kind of gloomy
weather today with occasional rain, so I went out with sandals, because it's
so ridiculous to have to cover your feet completely in mid June!?

Anyway, my Prada sunnies came in post yesterday, so I'm presenting them

I'm wearing: Sandals - Rizzo, Jeans - Diesel, Under top - Asos,
Tunic - Winter Kate, Neckless - House of Harlow, Ring - Accessorize,
Bag - Bianco, Sunglasses - Prada


  1. I really love the sunglasses, they are definitely some of the best to come out this summer, and the top is really cute.

    We had horrible weather here too these last few days. So much rain. Today is hot and sunny so I got my sandals on too to see if I can tan my feet a little.

  2. Thank you! I love those sunglasses too, so unique!
    Thumbs up for the sandals, I love to walk bare feet Summer time, but if I really have to wear something, then it's either sandals or flip flops :)

  3. I love those glasses!

    You should make a tumblr blog too. Your style would be beloved among the tumblr ranks.

  4. thank you :) another blog might be a little bit too much for me right now :)


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