Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today's look!

By looking at what I wore today, I got to conclude that the Summer is so over
in Helsinki and Autumn is definitely taking over, which is also great because
the very last photo shoot for my exhibition is going to be on 1st of October and
I will need a LOT of Autumn leaves for that photo shoot and also because I bought
some nice Autumn clothes which I can't wait to put on :P

What I wore: Boots - Mijus, Shorts - Mango, Under white top - Boss Orange,
Sweater - Zara, Bag - Lancel, Scarf - Alexander McQueen, Bracelet - gifted,
Ring - House of Harlow 1960


  1. thank you :) it's one of my favorite fall/ winter colors.

  2. Really unique how you tied your scarf! :)


  3. Really loving your outfit. My autumn clothes came out yesterday, too. It's turning cold here in England. Looking at your scarf makes me feel quite sad, still, that we won't be getting any more from McQueen. He was absolute favourite for scarves, hats and hair pieces. I really miss his designs!

  4. oh yes, i miss him too, he was a real genius :( and thank you :)

  5. Beautiful color combinations :)


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