Friday, September 16, 2011

Today's look

It's very autumn-ish weather over here, even tho it's not autumn
officially yet. Good thing is that it's not that cold yet for me to wear
coat. When the coat comes on, then it most likely won't get off for
6 long months... Oh well, that's the beauty of living in Scandinavia.

I'm super occupied and stressed out about my exhibition in November.
There's still so much to do and I'm scared if I will have enough time to
make everything perfect!!
I have one more photo shoot this Sunday and I still need to get some bulbs
and rope :D It will be an interesting one and I'm very excited about it!

This is what I wore today: Boots - Mjus, Jeans - Diesel, Sweater top - Burberry,
Jacket - Zara, Scarf - Alexander McQueen, Neckless - Accessorize,
Ring - Deni design, Bag - Lancel

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